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State-of-the-art ships, submarines and aircraft operated by expert crews. Trained to thrive in the extreme and dominate on the world stage.

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Become part of a specialist team and develop the skills required for each unique environment

Photex of westland 19 units HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Dragon, HMS Northumberland and RFA Tideforce in company with c and USS Philippine sea.

Surface Fleet

Serve in our mighty fleet of warships and world-class sailors, deployed all over the world to tackle any challenge - from drug busts in the Caribbean and security patrols in the Gulf, to humanitarian aid when natural disasters hit.

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Merlin Mk2 Helicopter takes off from the flight deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth for the final time during CSG21.

Fleet Air Arm

Operate, maintain or support our formidable fighter jets and helicopters, leading from above to spearhead the entire Royal Navy. You’ll be landing troops on hostile shores, hunting enemy vessels and conducting air strikes.

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 HMS Trenchant Control Room. The Silent Service HMS Trenchant is a Trafalgar class attack Submarine capable of being deployed anywhere in the world, to support Great Britain’s defence capability.

Submarine Service

Join our world-renowned silent service, embarking on highly-classified underwater operations. Destroying targets with precision and playing a critical role as the UK’s nuclear deterrent will become second nature to you.

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A Royal Marines Commando's During live firing. Practising tactical movement, assaults and break contact drills in the Eastern Mediterranean climate.

Royal Marines

Become one of the world’s most feared fighters; trained to the highest standards and armed with the latest tech. You’ll deploy anywhere, in any condition - operating from ship-to-ship on anti-piracy missions, leading frontline combat and conducting critical humanitarian operations.

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Personnel looking at the HMS Queen Elizabeth while deployed with the UK carrier strike group, completing a transfer of live munitions.

Royal Fleet Auxiliary

Join the world-class civilian sailors operating across the globe from their own fleet of tankers, floating hospitals and landing docks. You’ll work to the same exceptional standards as other military personnel - providing vital logistical support for the whole Naval Service, wherever and whenever needed.

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Maritime Reserves

Want more from life? See how you can do something extraordinary in your spare time.

HMS Forward personnel standing in a line at the Royal Navy Reserve unit in Birmingham. One sailor smiles at the camera.

Royal Naval Reserve

Get the best of both worlds. Unimaginable experiences, training and sense of adventure with the Royal Navy, all while maintaining your civilian career and lifestyle.

You’ll develop skills and personal qualities to help you grow and succeed in every part of life.

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Royal marines train with the army in Cyprus. Marines from 45 Commando fire support group with the general purpose machine gun.

Royal Marines Reserve

Part-time role, full-time commitment. You’ll be put through the same rigorous assessment as everyone who wears the green beret - pushed to your mental and physical limits, and then some.

It takes exceptional skill, physical strength and determination to become part of our elite force.

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