The Royal Navy Leadership Centre of Excellence

Leadership is everyone's responsibility

Leadership is an essential function of the Royal Navy and its effective operation. As such, the highest standards are expected from all leaders at all levels throughout the Service.

As part of the First Sea Lord’s commitment to enhancing leadership cultures across the Service, the Royal Navy Leadership Centre of Excellence (RNLCoE) has been established based at Navy Command Headquarters. Serving as the leadership think tank for the Service, it provides resources and support to all leaders’ continuous professional development. Through events and opportunities for discussion and reflection, the small and dedicated team supports leaders across the Whole Force in their personal duty to inspire our people and enhance the People Component of Operational Capability.

First Sea Lord's Leadership Conference 2022

Every year, the Royal Navy Leadership Centre of Excellence team hosts the First Sea Lord's Leadership Conference. This year's takes place on Wednesday, March 30th 2022.

Shortly after, you will be able to access edited highlights right here, including: Discussions, Presentations and Key Action Points.

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Leadership is the combined effect of knowledge, character, and action needed to inspire, develop and empower others to succeed their collective purpose

The Five Pillars of Leadership

Five Foundational Pillars

As leaders, we must embrace our duty to inspire our diverse teams to produce exceptional results through a People-Centred approach. This approach consists of five foundational pillars:

Living and leading

Our core values

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And being responsible

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Leading others

By supporting and inspiring

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Command climates

With opportunities for all

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Leading the Organisation

For everyone to excel

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Leadership has many different facets, but trust, inclusion and communication are key. If we don’t listen and communicate effectively with our people, then how can we expect to lead them through challenges and adversity? If we don’t trust them and they don’t trust us, how can we empower them to be their best selves? Generating an inclusive environment and sense of belonging will make our people feel valued and ensure that they become excellent leaders and excellent team members.

Leaders are Made in the Royal Navy

Our people are born everywhere.
Our leaders are Made in the Royal Navy.

What type of leader could you become?
Read our people’s stories – and start leading your own.