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Duty & commitment
Organisation / Our people

Duty & commitment

24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year. It takes courage, determination and the greatest sense of duty to thrive in the Royal Navy.

The highest honour

We have an unwavering commitment to the UK’s peace and prosperity.

Our vital work is funded by the UK government - and ultimately taxpayers. We have a duty to always consider the impact of our decisions and put our valuable resources in the right places, at the right time, for maximum impact.

It’s an honour to serve our country. Every single member of the Royal Navy respects and represents that honour in the actions they take.

Being our best

Being mission-ready isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes our people incredible commitment - to their duties, peers, mental and physical wellbeing - to achieve our world-class standards.

Our rigorous training prepares them for any eventuality, and ensures our leaders are capable of making rational decisions in even the most extreme circumstances.
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Unparalleled sense of duty

When our people choose a career in the Royal Navy, their decision goes far beyond salary and benefits. They join because they have a strong desire to serve, see the world and be part of something bigger.

We push ourselves to the absolute limit - and then some. It’s what makes us a powerful force and a serious deterrent to anyone looking to threaten our nation’s interests.
Two Royal Marines on cross-country skis in Norway

Thriving in the extreme

From the world’s hottest deserts and toughest jungles to the freezing Arctic, our training missions are designed to be gruelling. If we can survive in those conditions, we’ll be unstoppable anywhere.
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One man attempts to tackle another in a rugby match

Healthy body & mind

Being physically and mentally fit is all part of the job. We offer everyone the chance to take part in adventurous training, experience new sports and get the right nutrition and mental health advice.

Looking for support?

Whether you’re looking to join, already with us, or a family member of serving personnel, we have a wide range of support available.