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Opportunities for all
organisation / Our people

Opportunities for all

Harnessing diversity of thought, skills and talent from within the society we live to serve. We’re at our best when our people are at theirs.

Helping everyone thrive

We welcome people from all backgrounds because we know the value that diverse perspectives and experiences bring. From recruitment to operations, we make decisions without bias.

That means giving everyone the same opportunity to develop, grow and thrive. Taking on new challenges with the confidence that they’ll be supported by their peers and leaders.


Female Royal Navy sailor smiles at camera

Inclusive culture

We’re open to everyone regardless of who they are or what they believe, and we’re committed to creating a culture free from harassment, intimidation and unlawful discrimination.
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Royal Navy sailors lined-up in height order

Our commitment

We will always strive to reflect the diverse society we live to serve, recognise everyone’s distinctive contributions and support all personnel in achieving their full potential.
Royal Navy sailors march in front of crowd waving Rainbow flags


Sexual orientation or gender identity should have no bearing on your ability to serve; it’s your individual skills as a person that matter. We treat every individual fairly, with dignity and respect.
Royal Navy sailor with a turban and beard

Religion & belief

Anyone who wishes to practise religious observances should have the freedom and support to do so. While we do need to consider operational, health and safety conditions, we will always strive to support wherever possible.
Royal Navy Lieutenant hugs his two daughters

Support for families

We understand the impact Royal Navy life can have on the whole family, and how important a strong support network can be.

Our community groups and initiatives keep spouses and children of serving personnel connected to others with shared interests and experiences.

How we support families
Lady being presented with flowers by senior Naval Officer

Life after the Royal Navy

We respect the commitment our personnel make every day of their career with us, so it’s only right that we continue to support them once they move on to civilian life.

To help veterans transition smoothly from the Royal Navy, we offer guidance on everything from financial planning to housing.

How we support veterans

Looking for support?

Whether you’re looking to join, already with us, or a family member of serving personnel, we have a wide range of support available.