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Our people

Our people

Unparalleled sense of duty, camaraderie and leadership. Our people make us a powerful fighting force.

Royal Navy sailors from the HMS Vanguard stand to attention in line

Duty & commitment


A career in the Royal Navy is like no other. It takes exceptional skill, dedication and unwavering commitment to thrive.

We train and support our people to become the very best they can be - as individuals and as a collective. It’s what makes us a dominant force on the world stage and a serious deterrent to anyone who chooses to threaten our way of life.

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Royal Navy sailors on parade, one lady smiles at the camera


United by our shared goal of protecting the UK’s interests; our core values keep us true to who we are and how we should operate as individuals and as a collective.

We unite, invest in and value our people so they can be at their best, and we can be at ours.


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Royal Navy sailors in ceremonial uniforms stand in line
Supporting everyone to thrive

Opportunities for all

Our people should always feel safe, protected and supported while carrying out the vital work they do for the Royal Navy and the nation we live to serve.

We actively seek and embrace diverse perspectives, experiences and beliefs to create an organisation where everyone can thrive. Because when everyone feels empowered to be themselves, we are collectively stronger.

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Royal Marines stand to attention in parade dress rehearsal
More than a job title


We believe all our people are responsible for leading the Royal Navy, regardless of the level they operate at.

We expect the highest sense of professionalism, dedication and adaptability from everyone. Leadership is what happens in the face of adversity. It’s how we thrive as a collective. And it’s the reason we’re capable of dominating on the global stage.

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A Royal Navy crewmember wearing a blue beret stands on the deck proudly looking at the camera