Tides on: 1/12/15
  • Sunrise 07:44
  • Sunset 16:02
  • HW 02:54 4.5m
  • LW 07:56 1.5m
  • HW 14:58 4.3m
  • LW 20:19 1.4m
  • SP NP 3.0m/55%
All times are Local and have been corrected for BST where appropriate.
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Important Safety and Event Information

Navigation Warnings, Local Notices to Mariners and General Directions

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Navigational Warnings

NAVWARN 77/15 Cancel Navwarn 72/15
NAVWARN 75/15 Spithead Anchorage Number 8 Foul
NAVWARN 52/15 Victoria Pier Lights Unlit
NAVWARN 27/14 Shoal patches off Fountain Lake Jetty
NAVWARN 67/13 South Parade Pier 2FG (Vert) lights extinguished
NAVWARN 57/12 Nab Anchorage No 3 Foul
NAVWARN 52/11 Anchor cable in St Helens Road
NAVWARN 40/11 Shoal depths southwestern end of Haslar Lake
NAVWARN 45/10 Anchor cable in St Helens Road
NAVWARN 78/05 Buoyed anchor in St Helens Road
NAVWARN 10/04 Shoal Patches East of Wightlink Hulk

Local Notices to Mariners

LNTM 104/15 Update of Dockyard Port of Portsmouth Projects
LNTM 102/15 Portsmouth Capital Dredge - Obstruction Removal Operations 20 November 2015 Onwards
LNTM 101/15 Cable Laying Operations in the Solent including Diving Operations 18 November to 31 December 2015
LNTM 98/15 Diving Operations in the Eastern Solent 9 November to 31 December 2015
LNTM 87/15 Floating Dock Jetty Demolition
LNTM 53/15 Town Camber - Portsmouth Harbour Entrance, BAR Operations
LNTM 14/15 Use of weighted heaving lines in mooring operations
LNTM 13/15 Boarding and Landing of Pilots within the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth
LNTM 12/15 Mooring Lines at Oil Fuel Jetty
LNTM 11/15 Cross Solent Swims
LNTM 10/15 Video Surveillance and Telephone Recording
LNTM 9/15 Vessels Constrained by their draught or who can safely navigate only within a narrow channel or fairway
LNTM 8/15 Portsmouth Harbour - Cold Moves within HM Naval Base Portsmouth
LNTM 7/15 Fast Transits of the harbour by military small craft
LNTM 6/15 Pilotage Act 1987 Portsmouth Competent Harbour Authority Compulsory Pilotage and Pilot Boarding Points
LNTM 5/15 Recreational Safety Points for The Solent
LNTM 4/15 Risk Assessment of Recreational Events
LNTM 3/15 Notification of Charging Policy for Local Notice to Mariners
LNTM 2/15 Portsmouth Harbour Danger Area Tipner Firing Range
LNTM 1/15 Dockyard Port of Portsmouth and the Port of Southampton - Traffic Control and VHF Communications in The Solent

General Directions

DIRECTION 2/15 Keep Clear of Warships Alongside or at Anchor
DIRECTION 8/13 Berthing on MOD Ammunition Facility (UHAF) in Portsmouth Harbour
DIRECTION 7/13 Water skiing, board sailing, wind surfing, PWC and swimming
DIRECTION 6/13 Licensed mooring areas within the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth
DIRECTION 5/13 Dockyard Port of Portsmouth - Recovery of adrift craft
DIRECTION 4/13 Dockyard Port of Portsmouth - Speed Limits
DIRECTION 3/13 Wash effects in the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth
DIRECTION 2/13 Dockyard Port of Portsmouth dormant Exclusion Zone for underway warships
DIRECTION 1/13 Reporting damage or incidents
DIRECTION 4/11 Fishing restrictions to prevent obstruction to navigation within the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth
DIRECTION 2/11 Oyster dredging in Portsmouth Harbour
DIRECTION 11/10 Reports of Oil Pollution in the Port of Southampton, Southampton Water, The Solent and Portsmouth Harbour
DIRECTION 10/10 Hulks Safety Zones and keep clear warship berths
DIRECTION 7/10 Portsmouth Harbour Entrance - Approach Channel, Small Boat Channel, Swashway and Inner Swashway
DIRECTION 6/10 Passing areas
DIRECTION 5/10 Movement of gas tankers in The Solent
DIRECTION 4/10 RO-RO Ferries over 20,000 tons gross - Regulations when moving in Portsmouth Harbour
DIRECTION 3/10 Portsmouth Harbour - Movement of vessels in harbour and approach and Approach Channel during poor visibility
DIRECTION 2/10 Use Of Escort Tug for Crude Oil tankers over 60000 tonnes deadweight bound to or from the Esso Marine Terminal, Fawley
DIRECTION 1/10 Directions to be observed by Masters of damaged vessels