Royal Marines

We are the Royal Marines Commandos. Ready to deploy anywhere, in all conditions.

By sea, land, or air. In scorching heat, biting cold, or dense jungles. No matter what the challenge, our combat, comms and intelligence professionals have the skills and training to operate wherever they’re needed. 

The UK’s elite fighting force
What makes us the best at what we do? Our state of mind. Something we acquire through the longest and toughest initial training programme of any NATO force.

Whether in military or humanitarian missions, our ability to show courage, selflessness and positivity in the face of any challenge is why we're one of the world’s top elite forces.

But earning that green beret is no easy feat. It demands a transformation that will push you to the limits both mentally and physically. It’ll be the hardest thing you’ve ever done but also the most rewarding.

Have you got what it takes?

Life as a RM Officer

Becoming a Royal Marines Officer is a longer and more difficult training. Because in order to command your men effectively, they need to know you’ll never ask them to do something you can’t do yourself. Once you’ve passed your initial training, you’ll go on to learn all the tactical and leadership skills needed to motivate, train and inspire Royal Marine Commandos in camp, on exercise and on the field.

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    Life as a Commando

    Wearing the green beret means a life of adventure and challenge – where you deploy your specialist skills in some of the world’s toughest conditions. But you’ll also have plenty of opportunity to develop through ongoing training – and experience a camaraderie unique to the Royal Marines.

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      Life as a Royal Marines Reserve

      Want to be part of an elite military group? Experience real adventure? And answer your country’s call when it needs you? Then the Royal Marines Reserve might be the challenge you’ve been looking for.

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        Training case study

        Commando Training

        Commando training :

        You never know what to expect, so you always have to stay switched on, listen to what you've been told and work at 100% speed.


        How to join the Royal Marines

        Becoming a Royal Marine involves a different process to the rest of the Royal Navy. Think you have what it takes? And interested in getting the Royal Marine state of mind? Take a look at what’s involved in our joining process.

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          Sports & fitness

          Royal Marines work hard and play hard too. Because staying in great shape comes with the territory. So you’ll have the chance to do a huge range of sports – from rugby to rock climbing. What’s more, if you’re talented and driven enough, we’ll support you to compete at national, international or even Olympic level.

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            The Royal Marine training at Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM) is one of the longest, most physically and mentally intense trainings on the planet. Spanning anything from 32 weeks to 15 months, it will push you to the limits. Be under no illusions it will be the toughest thing you’ve ever done. But it will stand you in good stead in critical situations.

            marines in the sea

            Get fit to join

            If you’re thinking of joining the Royal Marines you’ll need to make sure you’re in great shape – and have the strength and stamina to survive, and make the most of, basic training. To help you get ready, we’ve put together a fitness programme which will get you in the zone.

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              After your initial training you’ll learn everything you need to perform the specialist role you’ve chosen. From Assault Engineer, Mountain Leader or Heavy Weapons specialist, you will develop all the military and technical skills to excel as a Royal Marine in any condition. Prove yourself and you can rise through the ranks.

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                Royal Marines Band Service

                The Royal Marines Band Service lets you combine music-making at a high level with an active, challenging military role. Throughout your career with the Royal Marines Band Service you will be playing at a consistently high level – for heads of state, for royalty and foreign dignitaries. As well as taking part in our world famous marching band, you'll also have crucial duties during active service.

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                  Royal Marines roles

                  Royal Marines Officer

                  You will command the Marines of the Royal Navy’s elite amphibious (landing from the sea) force.

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                  Royal marines commando

                  Royal Marines Commando

                  You could become part of the Royal Navy’s elite amphibious (landing from the sea) infantry force.

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                  royal marines reserve

                  Royal Marines Reservist

                  As a Royal Marines Reservist, you'll be one of about 600 people who combine their civilian day jobs with serving part-time as fully-trained Commandos.

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                  Royal Marines Musician

                  As a Musician in the Royal Marines Band Service, you’ll be among the world’s finest military musicians.

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