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Can you keep a secret?

There’s a reason we’re called the Silent Service. We operate unseen, unheard and undetected. And only a handful of people know about our missions, even though they make a difference to millions. There’s no career quite like it. Interested?

Submariner inside a submarine lit up by a red light
Submarine radar
Submarine sailing through the sea by a city at night
Submariners playing on top of the ice with the submarine in the background

Play your part

Become a Submariner and you could help us gather vital intelligence, seek out potential threats and even maintain our nation’s nuclear deterrent. It’s important work, but you’ll be supported by some serious tech and a unique team spirit.

Attack Submarines

Submarine emerging from the sea

A flexible force

Attack submarines typically deploy for around two months at a time. Their combination of world-leading sonar and state-of-the-art weaponry means they can be extremely versatile, from silently patrolling international waters to hunting down enemy targets.

  • Tomahawk IV

    These missiles have a 1,000+ mile range, can change course in mid-air and return images of the battlefield.

  • 97 metres

    Our new Astute-class submarines are about the length of a football pitch and all have a gym on board.

Ballistic submarines

Submarine emerging from the water

Protectors of peace

Ballistic submarines often deploy for longer than attack submarines. That’s because they provide the nuclear deterrent that keeps our nation safe, every day. It’s a level of force that only four other Navies possess.

  • 50 miles

    Our sophisticated listening equipment can hear other vessels from miles away.

  • 4,000 miles

    Trident 2 D5 nuclear missiles have an inter-continental range.


Submariners aren’t born. They’re trained. You bring the desire to do something out of the ordinary, and we’ll provide all the world-class training you need to succeed. Ready to go to the next level? Take a look at the unique opportunities available.


As a Submariner, you don’t just need to know your job inside out. You also need to know how every bit of the boat works, so you can muck in when you’re needed. That’s what makes every day different. From the work you do to the benefits you get, it’s a world away from any office job.


The Submarine Service is a unique community where crewmates are more like family than colleagues. It might be hard to imagine now, but once you’ve completed training and earned your ‘Dolphins’, you’ll feel part of something that’s bigger than just a job.

Explore the experiences of our personnel and learn about everything from day-to-day life on board to travelling and training.

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