Sports and Fitness

To be fully effective in combat, men and women in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines must be physically and mentally fit. They must also possess self-discipline, stamina, courage and a competitive spirit.

Physical Education in basic training plays a vital role in developing these qualities which are then enhanced through operational experience and a vibrant programme of Sport, Fitness and Adventure.


If you are a member of the military or civil service, you can find out about all the Royal Navy’s sporting associations and fitness and health support on our website

You will need to register for access through the Defence Gateway. If you haven’t already done so you can register here.

Local Sports Facilities

If you are a family member, you can search for your local sports facilities by visiting this page in our Welfare section

Life In The Royal Navy

If you are interested in a career in the Royal Navy and want to find out more about the sports and fitness options available to you, take a look here on our Careers pages.

Sports Association Members

If you are a member of a sports association, but not within the military or civil service, your military sponsor will be able to arrange access to you through the Defence Gateway to see the Sports pages.

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