HMS Audacious

HMS Audacious

Although the same design as her three sisters, Audacious will benefit from improvements identified during their build and trial to improve performance.

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Fourth Astute Class achieves milestone with first dive

Fourth Astute Class achieves milestone with first dive

Rear Admiral John Weale at the launch of Audacious in Barrow

Fourth new Astute-class submarine Audacious launched at Barrow-in-Furness

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Unit History

As Good as an Audacious1797

There have been up to six ships with the name, and a close seventh; the latter was a 14-gun sloop captured from the French in 1797 and listed (as HMS Audacieux) on Admiralty books in 1801.

The First HMS Audacious Proper1801

The first HMS Audacious proper, an Arrogant-class 74-gun 3rd Rate ship of the line, was and launched on 23 July 23rd. She served for 30 years, and was with Nelson at the Battle of the Nile. 

Two Brief Appearances1847

Two more almost Audacious occured; one a 2nd Rate screwship, but renamed the James Watt in November 1847; the other an aircraft carrier, renamed Eagle just 2 months before launch in 1946.

The Second HMS Audacious1878

The second HMS Audacious was an early ironclad battleship.
She was name-ship of her class, and designed for foreign service in the China Station, serving as flagship, until 1889.

The Third Audacious Part 11912

The third HMS Audacious was a King George V Class battleship,launched on 14 September 1912 and commissioned on 15 October 1913.

The Third Audacious part 21914

Whilst exercising off Northern Ireland on October 27th 1914, the super-dreadnought struck a German mine. Several attempts were made to tow her to shallow water, but she exploded and sank.

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HMS Audacious will weigh 7,400 tonnes submerged.

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