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Submarine Service
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Submarine Service

The Royal Navy’s most exceptional personnel carrying out our most highly classified missions - that’s life in the Submarine Service

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Submarine at Lyngan Fjord in Northern Norway. Royal Marines carrying out their traditional winter deployment in the Arctic Circle.

The most secret force in the Navy

Serving on our submarines means you go on secret missions to keep our country safe, whether that’s onboard a Ballistic Submarine equipped with Trident - a powerful weapon and nuclear deterrent that can stop any threats in their tracks - or on one of our agile and adaptable Attack Submarines.
The image shows a close up of navy personnel face which is lit by red lighting. Navy technology is advanced. It is used to identify, track and destroy potential threats.

World-leading technology

You’ll work with advanced technology to identify, track and destroy potential threats, or be in charge of managing or fixing high-tech equipment, machines and weapons.  Each day is different with new challenges, and you’ll need to be highly skilled and exceptional at whatever you do. 
Ship company smiling and watching a playful arm wrestle. The navy is built on trust and support. Living, working and socialising together in a unique under sea environment.

More than just a job - a family 

Our community is built on trust and support, where you’ll protect and look out for your fellow crew. You’ll work together as one team, from the newest team member to the Commanding Officer, living, working, and socialising together in a unique under sea environment. And when it's time to unwind, our onboard gym and common areas offer fun activities like quizzes and movie nights. 
Personnel inspecting a panel in the bombshop. UK’s nuclear deterrent completes successful missile test firing.

Great pay and benefits

Your service as a submariner never goes unrewarded, and your pay and benefits will reflect your commitment. With an excellent starting salary, a cash bonus for becoming qualified, extra pay when at sea, and even a joining bonus for certain roles, you’ll earn well enough to support yourself, your family, your ambitions and your future.

Made in the Submarine Service

Submariners are some of the Royal Navy’s most exceptional personnel. That’s because you don’t just need to know how to do your job. You also need to know how every bit of the boat works, from its cutting-edge sonar, to its propulsion systems. Learn more about what it means to join one of our most elite teams.

The world-renowned silent service

Unseen and unhindered, we‘re the silent strength protecting from beneath the waves. We’re responsible for highly classified, stealth, elite operations – and Trident, our nuclear deterrent.

Life under the waves isn‘t for the faint-hearted. You‘ll be resilient, brave, prepared for any challenge and willing to learn on the job. 

Most importantly, you‘ll be a team player. We live, work and socialise together. Everyone on board, from the most junior rating to the Commanding Officer, is part of one team.

Whatever your background, qualifications you can excel in our submarine service. You will take on a role suited to your skills and experience, and we will train you to be a leader. You'll play a key part in our silent under sea operations and be someone who enjoys teamwork, fitness, problem-solving, and working with high standards.  

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