HMS Artful

HMS Artful

Artful is the third of the seven Astute-class submarines to be built at Barrow. She was formally handed over to the Royal Navy on the 10th December 2015.

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Following her hand over the next milestone for the boat will be an official commissioning ceremony in March 2016, where her Sponsor, Lady Amanda Zambellas, will formally welcome Artful into the fleet at a ceremony in the home of the UK Submarine Service, HM Naval Base Clyde.

Since her arrival on the Clyde in August, Artful has continued her programme of Contractor Sea Trials.

Victory for the silent (silver) service in culinary competition


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Royal welcome to newest submariners

Royal welcome to newest submariners


HMS Artful becomes a commissioned warship

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Unit History

The First Artful1947

When she emerges from build, Artful will be the second vessel of the name in the RN. The first was also a submarine, an A-class boat launched on 22 May 1947 and commissioned on 2 February 1948.


She was sold to be broken in June 1972, and was subsequently scrapped at Cairnryan.

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She was named on 20 September 2013

HMNB Clyde

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