HMS Anson

HMS Anson

Work has only just begun on component parts of the boat, which will be built and assembled, like her sisters, at Barrow.

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Anson’s crew open catering students’ eyes to a career in the RN


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MOD Awards £800m Contract For Submarine Propulsion Programme

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Unit History

The First Anson1747

Seven ships have been named after Admiral George Anson, and the  submarine is the eighth. The first Anson appeared in the admiral's lifetime, a 4th Rate 60-gun ship, launched on 10 October 1747.

The Second Anson1763

Serving concurrently was a six-gun cutter which had been bought in February 1763 and was sold in July the following year.

The Third Anson1781

The third Anson was a 3rd Rate 64 launched at Plymouth Dockyard on 4 September 1781. She took part in the Battle of the Saints the following year, and in 1794 was cut down to a 44-gun ship.

The Fourth Anson1812

Within five years the fourth Anson had appeared, a 74-gun 3rd Rate launched on the Humber on 11 May 1812. She moved on to harbour service in January 1831, and was converted to a prison ship in 1844.

The Fifth Anson1860

A 3,361-ton 91-gun screwship became the fifth Anson, but the Woolwich warship, launched on 15 September 1860, was renamed Algiers in January 1883.

Anson Number Six1886

Anson number six was a 10,600-ton battleship, launched on 17 February 1886. The pre-Dreadnought was struck by the passenger ship SS Utopia off Gibraltar in 1891, killing more than 560 civilians.

Anson Number Seven1916

The next Anson was intended to be a sister ship to the battlecruiser HMS Hood; ordered from Armstrong in April 1916, she was cancelled in October 1918.

The Eighth Anson1940

The next Anson, a 35,000-ton battleship, was renamed early in build at the John Brown yard, and she rattled down the slipway on 28 February 1940 as HMS Duke of York. 

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