HMS Victorious

HMS Victorious (S29)

Launched on 29 September 1993, this Vanguard-class nuclear submarine is continuing the Royal Navy’s proud record over more than 40 years of uninterrupted nuclear deterrence.

Facts & figures

Facts & figures

150 metres

Total length

25+ knots

Top speed

15,900 tonnes

Total displacement

Our base

Our base


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HMS Victorious' role

Along with her three sister vessels, HMS Victorious’s role is to carry Trident – the United Kingdom’s strategic nuclear deterrent. She performs her duties silent and unheeded, patrolling the world’s oceans at depths greater than 250 metres beneath the surface.

Like the other Vanguard-class nuclear submarines, HMS Victorious has two captains and two crews, known as Port and Starboard. While one crew is manning the boat on the patrol, the other uses the opportunity for training and leave before taking their turn out at sea.

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