HMS Vengeance

HMS Vengeance (S31)

HMS Vengeance is the youngest of the four Vanguard-class nuclear submarines. Together with her three sister vessels, she carries the United Kingdom’s strategic nuclear deterrent.

Facts & figures

Facts & figures

150 metres

Total length

25+ knots

Top speed

15,900 tonnes

Total displacement

Commanding Officer

Commander Darren Mason

HMS Vengeance's role

As the fourth and final of the Vanguard-class, HMS Vengeance’s role is to carry the Trident ballistic missile system. Equipped with thermonuclear warheads, these missiles deter the most extreme threats to the UK’s national security.

Little is known about HMS Vengeance’s day-to-day activities since her role is, by its very nature, a secretive one. With constant power and the ability to produce her own water and oxygen, HMS Vengeance’s patrols could, in theory, last for years at a time.

In 2012, HMS Vengeance underwent a 40-month refit in order to refuel her reactor and update her electronics and machinery.

Unit history

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