Pollution is illegal!

Pollution occurs through a series of failures, whether they be human, procedural, system or structural and all operators within the port, whether shore side or afloat are responsible for conducting their business in such a manner that the risks of failure, of what ever sort, are minimized. It is on this understanding that Port Authorities allow operations to continue.

The environmental pressure, through legislation apart from anything else is intense, and the consequences of polluting are severe, it is a criminal act.

All operators are to operate within the law to their procedures and processes to prevent any sort of pollution. Should however an event occur, this is to be reported as quickly as is possible such that the procedures and measures to mitigate pollution consequences can be minimized. Noting that the principle of the polluter pays, early reporting and prompt action minimizes the costs.

In the first instance all reports are to be made to the Port Authority in the Longroom Port Control Station on 01752 836490 stating:

  • Where the pollution is
  • What the pollution is
  • What time the event occurred
  • Who is reporting, for whom and what the contact name and number is.

Where an incident is likely to lead to minor marine pollution within the Port, KHM will take such measures as necessary in accordance with the Dockyard Port of Plymouth and Tamar Estuary Oil Spill Contingency Plan.

Should it be considered that there could be a risk of significant marine pollution, then it is likely that the Secretary of State’s (DfT) representative (SOSREP) will be involved. SOSREP will be exercising the powers authorised by the Secretary of State as stated in the Merchant Shipping Act 1995 (Reference 23), Chapter 21, Part VI, Chapter II, Section 137.-(5).