Stages and Standards

Understand exactly what fitness tests you will need to complete for each role, and see where they sit in the joining process. Use this section as a reference as you progress, so you know exactly what to expect, and what you need to achieve to be successful.

What type of role are you interested in?

Royal Marines Commando

Most people wouldn’t even contemplate putting their body under the strain that joining the Royal Marines requires. Now you’re here because you want to make the grade.

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Royal Marines Commando Officer

To help you earn the coveted Green Beret and realise your career ambitions, we’ve outlined all the stages you need to complete, and the standards you’ll need to achieve to be successful. 

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Royal Marines Band Service

Before you can start your career as one of the world’s finest military musicians, you need to pass a series of physical tests. To help you prepare, click to find out more. 

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