Getting ready to be a Royal Navy Officer

The joining process for officers is slightly different to the joining process for other ranks, however, both include a series of mental and physical assessments. Like any physical or mental test, being prepared will give you the best chance of success. To help you do this, you will be allocated a recruiter as soon as you apply, who will give you the option to attend a Potential Officer Visit on board a ship and tell you more about your role of interest. This section gives you more details about the Recruitment Test (RT), the Pre-Joining Fitness Test (PJFT), and the Admiralty Interview Board (AIB).


The Naval Service Recruiting Test (NSRT) enables us to test your general intellectual ability, regardless of your existing academic qualifications. This gives us more information, and is a fair way of assessing all candidates on a level playing field.

The test has four different sections, which you’ll need to complete within a strict time limit. They measure your:

  • General reasoning- testing your mental agility with logic based questions
  • Verbal ability - assessing your understanding of language and ability to communicate
  • Numeracy - testing your numerical reasoning and basic mathematical ability
  • Mechanical comprehension - Assessing your understanding of basic mechanical principles

If you don’t pass the NSRT first time around, don’t worry – you can take it again. Your Careers Adviser will tell you what the timescales are likely to be.

To help you prepare, you can work through the practice tests.

Practice the Recruiting Test


The 1 hour virtual interview is your opportunity to show us that you’ve got what it takes to be a Royal Navy Officer.

There’s no ‘ideal’ or even ‘typical’ officer. We’re looking for people with a wide range of academics and practical talents and there’s room in the Royal Navy for both outgoing and more reserved personalities. The AIB’s competency based assessment process assesses whether you have the personal qualities to successfully become an officer.

The interview

This will last 1 hour and will give us the chance to assess your motivation and abilities to join the Royal Navy as an officer.  You will be asked questions against a set of 6 core competencies and will be asked to provide specific examples of how and when you have demonstrated these.