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Eating out and takeaways

You can still eat out and enjoy the odd takeaway, but it’s important to choose healthy options that don’t contain lots of salt and saturated fats.

Preparing your own healthy food is generally the best way to stay fit, but it’s not always possible, and sometimes you’ll fancy a treat or want to enjoy a special occasion. If you’re eating out or having a takeaway, it doesn’t mean abandoning your diet. Things to consider, include:

  • Choose a healthy option – Some restaurants list the calorie content of their food and drinks. Try to choose something that won’t push you over your recommended calorie intake.
  • Food swaps – You can enjoy healthy, tasty food by swapping some of the ingredients in the dish you order. For example:
    • Eat chicken instead of sausages
    • Eat food with a tomato sauce instead of a creamy sauce
    • Eat boiled rice instead of fried rice
    • Eat a baked potato instead of mash
  • Healthy lunches – Try to avoid food that is high in fat and full of sugars. Try pasta salads with lean meat, sandwiches with wholemeal bread, and baked potatoes with beans.
  • Don’t over order – Choosing a takeaway, especially as a group, often leads to over ordering. Having lots of food leftover can mean that you graze, and eat more than you should. Try to be strict with portion control.
  • Healthier takeaways – Some takeaways are better for you than others. You can still order food you like, without consuming unnecessary calories. For example:
    • Order a pizza with a thin base and lean meat toppings
    • Choose fish that’s coated in breadcrumbs
    • Look for Chinese food that is steamed instead of fried
    • Choose a shish kebab over a doner kebab
    • Order a tandoori or tomato based curry

Getting fit to join the Royal Navy doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying yourself, but it is important you keep track of what food you eat and are moderate with treats like takeaways. You can strike a balance by remembering these key principles, so you don’t undo your hard work.

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