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Plymouth Local Notices to Mariners & Navigation Warnings

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Navigational Warnings

NAVWARN 43/14 Millbay Docks - Outer Basin Works
NAVWARN 37/14 Cattewater Laira Rail Bridge
NAVWARN 36/14 Plymouth Sound No 2 Bridge Beacon

Extant PLNTMs

LNTM 41/14 New Queens Harbour Master Website - Information
LNTM 18/14 Clarification Of Responsibilities Between Vessels
LNTM 17/14 King Point Marina Millbay Inner Basin
LNTM 16/14 Small Craft Anchorage
LNTM 15/14 Floating Debris In Rivers Information
LNTM 14/14 Dockyard Port Marine Safety Policy
LNTM 13/14 HM Naval Base Weston Mill Lake
LNTM 12/14 Video Surveillance
LNTM 11/14 Recreational Water Event Check Off List
LNTM 10/14 Hovercraft Operations
LNTM 9/14 Landing On Plymouth Breakwater
LNTM 8/14 Sutton Harbour Lock And Tidal Defence Barrier
LNTM 7/14 Local Bathing Areas
LNTM 6/14 Berthing Of Harbour Tour Craft In The Cattewater
LNTM 5/14 Traffic Rules And Regulations
LNTM 4/14 Ministry Of Defence Police
LNTM 3/14 Submarine Movements And Operations
LNTM 2/14 Private Moorings
LNTM 1/14 Plymouth Local Notice To Mariners