International Partnerships

Forging strong relationships

As an island nation, the UK relies on strong ties with its allies and trading partners around the globe. By defending the seaways that underpin the global economy and representing the UK at home and abroad, the Royal Navy plays a crucial role in strengthening those ties and ensuring the continued prosperity of our nation.

International partnerships

Reassuring our allies 

The global trade on which Britain relies depends on the cooperation and goodwill of other nations. When tensions arise, we provide reassurance and help to contain situations before they develop.

Sharing expertise, resources and knowledge is key to a harmonious global economy. Sometimes we help and train our partners and allies; sometimes they help and train us. This kind of collaboration is central to strengthening the bonds between nations.

International partnerships

Building trust

With the UK maintaining a host of international diplomatic relationships, the Royal Navy needs to be a team player. Our allies and dependents look to us to promote stability in their region – and they, in turn, support the UK’s strategic goals.

International partnerships

Global reach

The UK has allies and dependents all over the world, and the Royal Navy plays an essential part in maintaining those relationships. Deploying our forces globally means can be wherever we’re needed, as quickly as possible.

For instance, Exercise RIMPAC is a truly international endeavour, bringing together 49 surface ships, 6 submarines, more than 200 aircraft and 25,000 personnel from 22 nations in the seas around Honolulu, Hawaii. The exercise is designed to enhance interoperability between the participating nations and to promote stability in the wider region.

Leading Engineering Technician Phillips
Marine Engineer

My job allows me to provide reassurance to UK and commonwealth countries, while continuing with personal development.

Lieutenant Bloor
Royal Marines Commando

I really enjoy making bonds with personnel from foreign militaries while on deployment. By working together, we can achieve things we'd never be able to do in isolation.

Leading Engineering Technician Jackson
Communications Information Systems Specialist

I am looking forward to sailing out to the Gulf with the crew and developing affiliations on the stops along the way, as well as continuing relations with our American partners once we arrive in Bahrain.

Our equipment

Our equipment is as diverse as the challenges we face. From deep-diving submarines to speedy RIBs, agile helicopters and adaptable amphibious vehicles, the Royal Navy is driven with some amazing kit.

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Royal Marines

These elite amphibious troops are among the most renowned – and feared – fighting forces in the world. Since 1664, only the toughest have earned the right to wear the Green Beret. The Royal Marines – it’s a state of mind.

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