Troop Weaponry


Royal Marines Commandos are highly trained in the use of the latest weapons systems. This includes rifles, machine guns, mortars and anti-tank weapons.


Troop firepower

The commando arsenal with which Royal Marines can take on any enemy anywhere.

Weapons and capabilities

General purpose machine gun

GPMG (long range)

The 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun can be used either as a light machine gun fired from a bipod, or fired from a tripod and used in a sustained fire role. It may also be fired from a vehicle mounting at ground and air targets.

50-inch heavy machine gun

0.50in HMG

The .50 inch Heavy Machine Gun is used to significantly increase the firepower of a Royal Marine troop. The weapon is typically crewed by 3 Commandos, but can be loaded and fired by one if necessary.

Light machine gun (MINIMI)

L110A2 5.56MM LMG

The L110A2 5.56mm Light Machine Gun is a fully automatic, belt or magazine fed, gas operated weapon. It is capable of a sustained high volume of fire in bursts. The LMG is a key component of a Royal Marines Troop's firepower.

.338 sniper rifle

L96 sniper rifle

The L96 Sniper Rifle enables the Royal Marines to target specific enemy targets at ranges of over 1km.

Being a part of the Royal Marines

Lt Jones, 26

Royal Marines Commando

Life in the Royal Marines can be tough, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. You need to really push yourself, mentally and physically. It’s more than just a job. It’s a lifestyle.

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Performing to the very highest standards. Putting our ships and our people through their paces. Always striving for better. Training is what makes the Royal Navy the best in the world.