Diversity & Inclusion

Unleashing the power of diversity

Unleashing the power of diversity

Our people are at the heart of the Naval Service capability and are paramount to delivering operational effectiveness. Our leaders harness the unique and diverse contribution of every member in their team. We empower all our people, by respecting and valuing what makes them different.

Encouraging and promoting differences in our backgrounds and experience makes us a healthier and stronger fighting force. Our operational effectiveness is delivered by the right mix of capable and motivated people that reflect the breadth of society we exist to defend, now and in the future.


This is a mindset that enables our people to feel valued. Inclusive leadership embraces, encourages and taps into the creativity and ideas which come from diverse teams. Inclusive leaders are constructive and supportive, recognising individual strengths and weaknesses to empower their people.


Focused on recognising the diversity in teams, and valuing each individual for what they can offer, in order to maximise productivity. It encompasses visible and non-visible individual differences – not restricted just to protected characteristics within anti-discrimination law.

It is not necessarily about treating everybody the same but about giving people equal opportunity to succeed.

Religion and belief in the Royal Navy

We welcome people throughout society to join us, and remain with us, to make their distinctive contributions and achieve their full potential.

We endeavour to give those who wish to do so the opportunity to practise their religious observances wherever possible - subject to vital considerations of operational effectiveness, health and safety and organisational needs.

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LGBT+ in the Royal Navy

At London Pride 2019, sailors and Royal Marines were cheered by a million-strong crowd. We continue to show our support for the LGBT+ community. Sexual orientation or gender identity has no bearing on your ability to serve – it’s your individual skills as a person that matter.

We treat each individual fairly, with dignity and respect, no matter of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The Royal Navy is committed to creating a culture free from harassment, intimidation and unlawful discrimination.

Royal Navy Compass

Diversity, inclusion and you


We believe our people should be able to work in an environment free from intimidation, humiliation, harassment or abuse so we ask all Royal Navy personnel to read the comprehensive guidance on Diversity and Inclusion – and understand what we expect of them in the workplace.

Internal organisations

A Force For Inclusion: Diversity and Inclusion Strategy
Diversity and Inclusion Commitment
Naval Servicewomen's Network
Naval Service Parent's Network
Religious or belief forum, societies, groups and minority support networks
Civilian Chaplains to the Military (Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh)
Royal Navy Neurodiversity Network

BHD Helpline 0800 7830334

External organisations

Equality and Human Rights Commission
Business in the Community
Service Complaints


Stonewall Diversity Champion

Women in Defence Partner 

BiTC Race at Work Charter signatory 

Positioned 15th in Stonewall's Top 100 LGBT Employers 2019

Named one of The Times' Top 50 Employers of Women 2019

Social Mobility Employer Index 2018