HMS Severn

HMS Severn (P282)

HMS Severn is a River-class offshore patrol vessel built by Vosper Thornycroft at their Woolston yard in 2002. With her sisters Tyne and Mersey, she is one of three offshore patrol vessels ploughing the seas around the UK almost every day of the year.

The second of the original batch of River Class ships, ‘Lucky Severn’ - a nickname she owes to the namesake submarine which came through all of World War 2 - HMS Severn patrolled home and overseas waters (including an eight-month stint in the Caribbean in 2015) for 14 years until 2017 when she paid off.


She became the first Royal Navy vessel in nearly 40 years to be recommissioned, brought back to life and recommissioned in 2020.

Facts & figures

Facts & figures

1,700 tonnes

Total displacement 

80 metres

Total length 

20+ knots

Top speed

Our operations

Current operation



Alongside in Portsmouth Naval Base.

Our base

Our base


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Commanding Officer

Commander Philip Harper

Qualified submariner, underwater warfare officer, specialist navigator and hydrographic surveyor. As well as navigating and commanding Royal Navy ships across the globe for the last quarter century, Cdr Philip Harper has been deeply involved in the training and mentoring of junior officers in bridgemanship, shiphandling and staffwork.

HMS Severn's role

HMS Severn joins her sisters HMS Mersey and Tyne with the capabilities and training to escort passing foreign warships, mount fishing vessel inspections and defend the UK border.


She also performs a unique role providing training for Royal Navy navigators, who join the ship for testing pilotage off the west coast of Scotland and English Channel.

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