HMS Example

HMS Example

HMS Example is the Northumbrian University Royal Naval Unit (URNU). The ship is based at HMS Calliope, a Royal Naval Reserve Base next to the Tyne Bridge on Gateshead Quayside.

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The Northumbrian URNU provides a three-year package of training and activities to student in order to broaden their knowledge of the Royal Navy and its activities worldwide.

Initially enrolled as Officer Cadets, those who successfully complete their task book are given the rank of midshipman. URNU members are taken to sea at weekends and during their vacation periods. 

Recent years have seen HMS Example deployed to northern Europe and the Baltic, including visits to Sweden, Finland and even as far as Russia as well as around the UK. 

If you require further information, please contact:

HMS Calliope, South Shore Road, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE8 2BE 

Alternatively you can contact the Coxswain on 0191 4775584.

Fires, Floods, Bish’s and Medals!

Fires, floods, Bish’s and medals on HMS Example


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Unit History

Ship History1970

HMS Example is the first ship to bear the name in the Royal Navy. Constructed as the lead ship of the Example class (a build run of the Archer class including Express, Explorer and Exploit).


The design was an offshoot of the Archer class 40kt Coast Guard vessels built for Oman in the late 1970s and was replaced by the improved Archer class launched in the late 90s.


Built by Watercraft Ltd (Shoreham by Sea) and launched in 1985, HMS Example was designated an Auxiliary Service Vessel (A153) and used by the Royal Navy Auxiliary Service (RNXS).


The RNXS was disbanded and HMS Example was commissioned into the Royal Navy later that year. She was re-designated P165 and transferred to the University Royal Naval Unit.

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Commanding Officer Duncan Napier

Napier Duncan

Rank: Lieutenant

Lieutenant Duncan Napier joined the Royal Navy in May 2012. He took command of HMS Example in October 2017.

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HMS Example's motto is 'lead by example'


HMS Example is the first ship to be called Example

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