HMS Blazer

HMS Blazer (P279)

HMS Blazer is the University Royal Naval Unit (URNU) at Southampton Solent University, Portsmouth University and Southampton Institute.

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Weekly drill evenings are held every Thursday of term time. Tuition falls into three areas: basic navigation and seamanship, leadership and team building skills and strategic studies and current affairs.

HMS Blazer can accommodate up to 12 students. During the ten-week term, six or seven weekends will be spent at sea and in vacations, five two-week deployments can include port visits to Channel Islands, France, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

Opportunities exist for students to visit and spend time in affiliated submarines and larger warships as well as taking part in a wide range of activities including flying acquaints and adventurous training.

In order to join Southampton URNU, students should apply at fresher's fayres at any of the three Universities, or contact:

Southampton University Royal Naval Unit, Room 451/06, National Oceanographic Centre, Waterfront Campus, European Way, Southampton, S014 3ZH.

Tel: 02380 596 602/Fax: 02380 596 099/Email:

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Current operation University Training

  • Alongside in Portsmouth

    Alongside in her home port of Portsmouth Naval Base. Training our team and maintaining our equipment to make sure we are fighting fit for the challenge.

  • Alongside

    Alongside in her home port of Clyde Naval Base. Training our team and maintaining our equipment to make sure we are fighting fit for the challenge.

Location UK

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Unit History

The First Blazer1797

The first, a wooden gunboat, was named by the 2nd Earl Spencer, George John, First Lord of the Admiralty, and launched in 1797. He named it after a dog in his foxhound pack, 'The Pytchley Hunt'.

The Other Blazers1800

In the 1800s a further five ships, both wooden and steam-powered gun boats, carried the name, winning battle honours in 1814 and 1855; the last being sold in 1919.

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HMS Blazer weighs 54 tonnes


HMS Blazer is the URNU for Southampton and Portsmouth Universities and Southampton Institute

HMNB Portsmouth

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