HMS Archer

HMS Archer (P264)

HMS Archer became the training vessel for Edinburgh University Royal Naval Unit (URNU) in July 2012. Edinburgh URNU is the newest of the 14 units that were first formed in 1967.

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During term time, Archer can generally be found on the east Coast of Scotland with students embarked on sea training weekends, allowing them to practise the navigation they have been taught in the classroom. In addition to this she spends three weeks at Easter in the Western Isles and seven weeks in the summer deployed to Europe and the UK in company with the other URNU training vessels.

The undergraduates who train in HMS Archer are members of the Edinburgh Universities Royal Naval Unit based at East Claremont Street in Edinburgh city. The syllabus is based primarily around leadership, navigation and seamanship, and also provides opportunities for travel, both around the UK and overseas, and for personal development.

Upon a successful first year of training, members are awarded the honorary rank of Midshipmen.

The Edinburgh URNU recruits new entry undergraduates at the beginning of each academic year, however, we will always consider applicants at other times. Should you be interested in joining us, or for more information, please contact us at:

Edinburgh Universities Royal Naval Unit, Hepburn House, 89 East Claremont Street, Edinburgh EH7 4HU

Tel: 0131 310 3835, Email:

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Edinburgh URNU raise funds for Domestic Abuse Charity

Edinburgh URNU raise funds for Domestic Abuse Charity


Royal Navy helps Edinburgh institution celebrate a century-and-a-half on the Forth

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Current operation University Training

  • Alongside in Portsmouth

    Alongside in her home port of Portsmouth Naval Base. Training our team and maintaining our equipment to make sure we are fighting fit for the challenge.

  • Alongside

    Alongside in her home port of Clyde Naval Base. Training our team and maintaining our equipment to make sure we are fighting fit for the challenge.

Location UK

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Unit History

Ship History1801

There have been five Archers before the current patrol boat stretching back as far as a gun-brig launched in 1801.

Ship History1849

She was followed by a wood screw sloop (1849), a torpedo cruiser (1885) and a destroyer (1911), before a 9,000-ton escort carrier was built in the US under the Lend-Lease scheme, launched 1939.

Battle Honours1854

Baltic 1854-55

Battle Honours1914

Heligoland 1914

Battle Honours1943

Atlantic 1943-44
Biscay 1943

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Commanding Officer Charles Stevenson

Rank: Lieutenant

Lieutenant Charles Stevenson joined the Royal Navy in 2012, he assumed command of HMS Archer in March 2017.

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HMS Archer is the first of the Archer P2000 class 20m Fast Patrol Boats built by Watercraft in 1985


Edinburgh URNU meet every wednesday at 1900 during term time


HMS Archer

HMS Archer