HMS Shoreham (M112)

HMS Shoreham is a minehunter, crewed by a dedicated team of 41. From specially trained divers to remote mine disposal system experts, this courageous unit detects and destroys hidden dangers all over the globe. 

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Facts & figures

Facts & figures

600 tonnes

Total displacement

9 April 2001

HMS Shoreham launched

7 divers

In the specialist team

Our skills

Our skills

As a minehunter, HMS Shoreham specialises in detecting and destroying dangers under the water. Our team are adept at safely clearing the seas, using specialist skills and equipment including:

Our operations

Current operation

Kipion Mine Counter-Measures

Middle East

Hunting mines to ensure the safe flow of trade and oil, demonstrating our commitment to peace and stability.

Our base

Our base

Middle East

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HMS Shoreham's Role

HMS Shoreham is one of seven Sandown-class specialists based at the Clyde Naval Base in Farslane, Scotland. A smaller ship, HMS Shoreham is home to 41 crew members, including seven divers, who enjoy regular training to make sure their skills are always current and ready to deploy.

The courageous, highly-skilled crew work together to clear the oceans of hidden dangers. That could mean searching for – and safely removing – historic mines that remain after past conflicts, or playing a vital role in active service, detecting and destroying threats and helping to make sure larger ships enjoy safe passage.

Currently, HMS Shoreham’s top priorities are supporting to the UK’s continuous at sea deterrent, and helping to guarantee safe passage for shipping – both in UK waters and further afield.

Did you know? Sandown-class minehunters have glass-reinforced plastic hulls to help conceal their presence from sea-mines.

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