HMS Ledbury

HMS Ledbury (Crew 1)

HMS Ledbury is the oldest of the eight Hunt-class mine countermeasures vessels, she was commissioned in June 1981 by its Sponsor Lady Elizabeth Berthan.

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HMS Ledbury is currently making her way east to relieve her Hunt-class sister ship HMS Chiddingfold who's spent nearly four years in the Gulf as part of the four-strong RN minehunting force permanently stationed in the Middle East.


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Royal Marines unleash fire and fury on Exercise Saif Sareea

UK flagship HMS Albion arrives in Oman

UK flagship HMS Albion arrives in Oman to lead biggest exercise in 15 years

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Current operation Saif Sareea 3

Saif Sareea is one of the largest international military exercises in the world. More than 4,000 British sailors, soldiers and air crews will be tested in the punishing sands of the desert of Oman alongside colleagues from the host nation. It is intended to reinforce the long-standing and close military relationship between Britain and Oman, strengthening our ability to provide security and safeguard UK prosperity in a vital part of the world.

International partnerships

As the fifth largest economy in the world, the UK has responsibilities towards its allies and partners. But Britain also has global ambitions – namely to protect the seaways underpinning the country’s prosperity. The Royal Navy plays a crucial role in fostering these enduring and lasting alliances with other nations.

Ready to fight

When diplomacy fails, the UK has to be ready to protect its interests and its allies. What’s more, as a member of NATO and the UN, the UK also acts to support the enforcement of UN resolutions and come to the aid of our allies. This is where the Royal Marines come in: we train to go where we’re needed – by sea, land or air – and deploy our forces with the aim of restoring peace.

Location Oman

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Unit History

A Delayed Launch1940

The previous HMS Ledbury was ordered two days after the outbreak of World War 2. Her construction was delayed by bomb damage to the yard, she was not launched until 27 September 1941.


HMS Ledbury was engaged in escorting major warships and fleet auxiliaries between Scapa Flow and Iceland until June 1942, then attached to the ocean escort of the ill-fated convoy PQ17. 


In June 1943 she proceeded again to the Mediterranean after further service on escort duties between Iceland and the Orkneys. She was also involved in the Salerno invasion in September 1943.


She was reduced to reserve in March 1946 and was not again commissioned for active service before she was sold for scrap in 1958.

Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers Future

An island nation needs a powerful navy. A simple fact, often forgotten. Go behind the scenes of the new aircraft carrier and discover its true scale and ambition.

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Commanding Officer Claire Thompson

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Lieutenant Commander Claire Thompson joined the Royal Navy in 2005, she assumed Command of HMS Hurworth in December 2017.

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