HMS Hurworth

HMS Hurworth (M39)

HMS Hurworth is a Hunt-Class Mine Countermeasures Vessel – a minehunter. She plays a vital role in keeping the seas safe around the world.

A highly skilled smaller ship, Hurworth play a vital part in the worldwide mine countermeasures commitments.

Like her sister ships of the Hunt-class, HMS Hurworth boasts a world-leading mine disposal system, Seafox. This innovative technology – the most proficient system of its type ever invented – makes HMS Hurworth and the Royal Navy’s MCMV contingent the envy other navies across the globe.

Facts & figures

Facts & figures

1,500+ nautical miles

Total range

9.8 metres

Width (beam) at widest point

685 tonnes

Total displacement

Our Operations

Our base 

Our base 

HMNB Portsmouth

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HMS Hurworth's role

Minehunters like HMS Hurworth detect and destroy dangers under the water. Her highly trained crew use specialist skills and equipment to keep shipping lanes safe and neutralise threats left from conflicts past.

Adaptable and dependable, HMS Hurworth can be deployed on a range of missions, including protecting lawful maritime enterprise in the Gulf, responding rapidly to developing international crises, or making sure the UK’s sea lanes remain safe and secure.

HMS Hurworth and her Ship’s Company maintain a high state of readiness thanks to a rigorous training and maintenance programme. She’s ready to undertake operations at very short notice in locations from the Middle East to the North Atlantic.

Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Commander Alex Knight

Unit history

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