HMS Westminster (F237)

HMS Westminster is a Type 23 frigate. The ship recently returned to service after one of the longest, most comprehensive and complex revamps in her lifespan.

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Fleet Ready Escort

United Kingdom

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Facts & figures

Facts & figures

4,900 tonnes

Total displacement

133 metres

Total length

28+ knots

Top speed

Our operations

Current operation

Maritime Security


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Our base

Our base

HMNB Portsmouth

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Commanding Officer

Commander Ed Moss-Ward

HMS Westminster's role

Known throughout the Royal Navy as ‘the capital ship’, HMS Westminster is a Type 23 (or ‘Dukeclass’) frigate. Despite having originally been designed for anti-submarine warfare, the Dukeclass’s versatility has seen them used in a number of fleet roles, from warfighting to peacekeeping missions. 
In 2014, HMS Westminster underwent an extensive refit which resulted in a new principal weapon: the Sea Ceptor surface-to-air missile system. With twice the range of the old missile system, Sea Ceptor makes HMS Westminster better equipped than ever to face the challenges of 21st-century warfare. 

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