Alpha Squadron

The Alpha Squadron is one of the Royal Navy’s Diving Groups. With highly trained divers in assault and maritime device disposal the group also deliver training for specialised 100% 02 divers.

Alpha Squadron is made up of specialist divers working with engineers and mine warfare personnel to deliver a highly skilled capability in the underwater environment.

With personnel ready to move 365 days a year on worldwide operations, whether that is Maritime Counter Terrorism (MCT), or providing Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) expertise for assaults on Oil Rigs or Ships. Also capable of being parachuted in to provide rescue support to submariners in a stricken submarine, the unit personnel are also able to deliver the essential follow up medical care with the expert use of Recompression Chambers.

Facts & figures

Facts & figures


Ready to move


Specialist divers, engineers and mine warfare personnel


personnel ready to deploy

Our skills

Our skills

Alpha Squadron contains highly trained divers in all areas of bomb and mine disposal, including:

  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  • Assault Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD)
  • Maritime IEDD
  • Training other military divers
  • Delivering specialised 100% 02 training

Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Commander Martin Seal RN

Alpha Squadron's role

Ready to deploy 365 days a year to operate with other forces and specialist units around the globe, EOD plays an important part in the expertise that Alpha Squadron bring.

The unit goes much further than essential support and excellence alone, though. Unique in having personnel qualified to deliver specific training within the group or to other military divers, Alpha Squadron provides dedicated expertise across a wide range of diving procedures and specialist equipment. Notably delivering training for specialised 100% 02 divers, the group is also proud to have spent more minutes under water than other dive units across the fleet in recent years.

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