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HMS Duncan (D37)

HMS Duncan (D37) is currently on deployment

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HMS Duncan is the sixth of the highly-capable Type 45 air defence destroyers and one of the most advanced warships in the world. She sails with a ship's company in excess of 280 personnel and is based at Portsmouth Naval Base.

She is the first of the Type 45 class to be capable of deploying Harpoon and was the star of the Channel 5 documentary 'Warship: life at sea"

The Portsmouth-based warship sailed in March for a six-month deployment to provide reassurance to the UK’s allies overseas and protect the busy waters of the Med.

She has also provided area air defence to the French aircraft carrier FS Charles de Gaulle as part of their Carrier Strike Group deployment.

HMS Duncan’s time with the French carrier will offer the Royal Navy ship crucial training in task group operations and aid the preparations for HMS Queen Elizabeth’s first operational deployment in 2021.

Facts & figures

Facts & figures

8,000 tonnes

Total displacement

152 metres

Total length



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Standing NATO Maritime Group 2


Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 is a multinational, integrated maritime force - made up of vessels from various allied nations, training and operating together as a single team - that is permanently available to NATO to perform a wide range of tasks.

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