Viking Squadron

As part of Commando Logistics Regiment, Viking Squadron are 3 Commando Brigade’s experts in Protected Mobility. Operating the formidable, highly mobile Viking All-Terrain Vehicle (Protected), they support the Lead Commando Group both on land and at sea.

Viking Squadron

It has greater step, wade, swim and gap-crossing that any other Armoured Fighting Vehicle and has the ability to move rapidly across the majority of terrain to outmanoeuvre the enemy.  The Viking’s ability to swim allows the Brigade to deploy forces rapidly across the Area of Operations in support of the Commander’s plan. 

Although the primary role of Viking is in Protected Mobility for the Marines it transports, it is also often used in battlefield reconnaissance, fire support and as a command platform.  Having proved itself in action during numerous tours of Helmand Province, Afghanistan, its main focus now is on amphibious assault, delivering Marines to the beaches and beyond.

Based at Stanley Barracks, Bovington Garrison in Dorset, the squadron comes under the command of the Commanding Officer of CLR RM.

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