Commando Logistic Regiment

Commando Logistic Regiment

Commando Logistic Regiment is unique for its eclectic mix of personnel, drawn from across the military disciplines – but whether they’re Engineers, Medics or Logisticians, all wear the Green Beret with pride.

Facts & figures

Facts & figures


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Number of squadrons

Our skills

Our skills

Drawn from the Royal Navy, the Army and the RAF, the personnel of Commando Logistic Regiment include Mechanical Engineers, Commandos, Medics and more.

All members of Commando Logistic Regiment must have passed the All Arms Commando Course, earning them the privilege or wearing the Green Beret. Together, their roles and responsibilities include:

  • Logistical support
  • Distribution of supplies
  • Emergency medical care
  • Refuelling vehicles
  • Tactical support
  • Accountancy
  • Training


Our base

Our base


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Commanding Officer

Lt Col Liam Metcalfe

Commando Logistic Regiment’s role

As one of the most versatile units in the Royal Navy, Commando Logistic Regiment’s role is extremely varied. Its primary purpose is to act as 3 Commando Brigade’s dedicated logistic unit, providing essential supplies (such as food, water, ammunition and fuel) to front line Commando units.

The unit also carries out equipment repairs, emergency medical procedures and fuel provision, as well as lightly armoured expeditionary warfare tasks. In short, Commando Logistic Regiment keep the wheels of 3 Commando Brigade turning.

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