RFA Tidespring (A136)

Tidespring is the first of a fleet of four 39,000 tonne Tide-Class tankers, capable of carrying up to 19,000 cubic metres of fuel and 1,400 cubic metres of fresh water.

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On the 16th November RFA Tidespring sailed into Portsmouth ahead of her dedication ceremony on November 27.                            

The 39,000 tonne tanker will be brought into service with the RFA – the civilian-manned fleet of support vessels which provide fuel, food and stores for Royal Navy warships all over the world.

RFA Tidespring and her three sister ships are flexible, state-of-the-art vessels that will provide key support to the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carriers.

They are part of the UK government’s £178million equipment plan to provide the Armed Forces with the kit that it needs to provide effective operational support across the globe.

The Tide Class tankers are replacing the RFA’s current ageing single-hulled tankers. Larger than their predecessors and double hulled, they are an advanced capability specifically designed to provide fuel and water to the carriers. They can also accommodate a Chinook helicopter on their flight decks.

They will also be able to undertake a range of maritime operations such as policing shipping lanes and providing humanitarian relief.

The Tide-Class has a flight deck able to accommodate the large Chinook helicopter and offer significant improvements over previous RFA tankers such as double hulls and greater environmental protection measures.

His Royal Highness Earl of Wessex Prince Edward on the flight deck of RFA Tidespring.

Royal Fleet Auxiliary welcomes RFA Tidespring to the fleet


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First tanker to support Royal Navy carriers sails into Portsmouth

First helicopter deck landing for RFA Tidespring

First helicopter deck landing for RFA Tidespring

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Current operation Alongside

Currently alongside HM Naval Base Portsmouth

Location Portsmouth

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