RFA Mounts Bay

RFA Mounts Bay

Mounts Bay is one of three Landing Ship Docks (Auxiliary) and was built by BAE (Naval Ships) at Govan on the River Clyde.

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Launched by Lady Band in April 2004, she was the first Bay class vessel, and following extensive sea trials was accepted into service in July 2006.

A formal service of dedication took place in September of that year to mark the Transfer of Operational Command to Fleet, with the ship honoured by the attendance of her sponsor Lady Sarah Band and her husband, Admiral Sir Jonathon Band, former First Sea Lord.

The summer of 2007 saw RFA Mounts Bay receive the great privilege of the Honorary Freedom of her affiliated town, Falmouth and she continues to maintain close links with the Cornish region.

So far during operational Service, RFA Mounts Bay has already played a key role in many amphibious exercises, including operations off Sierra Leone, the Baltic Regions and also many more, closer to home, around the coast of the United Kingdom and Western Europe.

In 2017, RFA Mounts Bay – and later HMS Ocean – and their teams of soldiers, Royal Marines, plus heavy kit and helicopters played a key role in helping to restore vital services in the Caribbean, as well as delivering food and fresh water during a month-long aid mission, Operation Ruman.

The Caribbean chain bore the brunt of storms Irma and Maria in 2017, with widespread devastation, especially on the main island of Tortola where roads were blocked, power and water supplies disrupted, the airport put out of action, schools wrecked and the prison left insecure.


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Current operation Atlantic Patrol Tasking North

The APT(N) task centres on reassurance to UK overseas dependent territories, providing humanitarian and disaster relief during the main hurricane season (June to November) and conducting counter narcotic patrols as part of the wider international effort.

Providing humanitarian assistance

When natural or man-made disasters occur, a country’s infrastructure and resources can be crippled. With loss of electricity, shortage of food and water supplies, and human lives at risk – responding to such life-threatening scenarios is central to the Royal Navy’s ethos. Because we have the skills, equipment and know-how to go anywhere, regardless of potential damage to local infrastructure.

Protecting our economy

Maritime trade is the lifeblood of the UK economy and industry. 95% of Britain’s economic activity depends on the oceans. And every year Britain imports goods worth £524 billion.

The UK is so dependent on the seas for its prosperity, that without the Royal Navy acting as a deterrent the effect on the economy would be overwhelming.

Location Caribbean

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Unit History

Ship Launch2004

9 April, 2004

Ship Commissioned2006

15 September, 2006

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RFA Mounts Bay carries a specialist disaster relief team made up of RFA, RM, RLC & RE personnel plus a RN Wildcat helicopter