Commando Helicopter Force

The three squadrons of the Commando Helicopter Force are the wings of the Royal Marines, providing crucial aerial support to the green berets as specialists in the maritime, Arctic and desert environments.

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United Kingdom

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Facts & figures


Facts & figures

8.5 tonnes

Total weight

19.5 metres

Total length

190+ miles per hour

Top speed

Our operations


Current operation


United Kingdom

Putting our craft, kit and people through their paces so they perform to the highest standards.

Our base


Our base

RNAS Yeovilton

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Commanding Officer

Colonel Mark Johnson

Commando Helicopter Force's role

Affectionately known as ‘The Junglies’ for their operations in Borneo during the 1960s, Commando Helicopter Force is made up of three naval Air Squadrons – 845, 846 and 847. Together, they use Merlin and Wildcat helicopters to provide air support to 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines and other UK forces.

From battlefield reconnaissance and joint fire support to training Aircrew and Engineers for the front line, Commando Helicopter Force’s role is perhaps best summed up by the motto of 847 Naval Air Squadron: ‘We Strike From On High’.

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