Commando Helicopter Force

Commando Helicopter Force

The three squadrons of the Commando Helicopter Force are the wings of the Royal Marines, providing crucial aerial support to the green berets be they at sea in an assault ship or in the sand and dust of Afghanistan.

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Commando Helicopter Force (CHF) - affectionately nicknamed 'the Junglies' from their operations in Borneo in the early 1960s - comprises three Naval Air Squadrons flying Commando Merlin and Commando Wildcat helicopters, a Combat Service Support squadron allowing the Force to be self-sufficient in the field, and a deployable Headquarters for Command and Control.

845 Naval Air Squadron is the front line Commando Merlin Squadron, currently converting from the (formerly RAF owned) Merlin HC3 and HC3A to the new Commando Merlin HC4, optimised for both maritime and land operations and is preparing to deploy in HMS Queen Elizabeth in the Autumn of this year (2018).

846 Naval Air Squadron is a Commando Merlin Squadron with two main purposes, one is the Operation Conversion Flight, training Aircrew and Engineers for the front line, the second is the Maritime Counter Terrorism (MCT) Aviation Group [MAG]. The Squadron will convert from the Merlin HC3 and HCi3 (i standing for interim) to the Commando Merlin HC4 early next year (2019).

847 Naval Air Squadron is the front-line Commando Wildcat helicopter squadron providing battlefield reconnaissance and joint fire support within the land and amphibious environments with their Commando Wildcat AH1s which are different to the maritime Wildcats HMA2s of the Wildcat Maritime Force.

AET Harry Sheeran, of 847 NAS

847 NAS joined by Apaches in Norway


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Current Operation  Cold Weather Training

Location Norway

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Commanding Officer Steve Hussey

Rank: Colonel

Colonel Steve Hussey joined the Royal Marines in 1991, he is now in command of Commando Helicopter Force.

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