Commando Helicopter Force

Commando Helicopter Force

The three squadrons of the Commando Helicopter Force are the wings of the Royal Marines, providing crucial aerial support to the green berets be they at sea in an assault ship or in the sand and dust of Afghanistan.

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Commando Helicopter Force – known throughout the Navy as CHF – comprises three front-line squadrons flying Sea Kings, Merlins and Wildcat helicopters. 

846 Naval Air Squadron have recently taken over Merlin Mk3s from the RAF and are in the process of modifying them for maritime operations.

847 Naval Air Squadron are now operating the new Wildcat helicopter which has replaced the long-serving Lynx.

848 Naval Air Squadron, with their distinctive green Sea Kings, have returned to primarily conducting amphibious operations after many years flying the Sea King in Afghanistan and Iraq.

847 NAS Wildcats FS Dixmude

Green berets play with the yellow dogs as 847 NAS French mission begins


Commando Helicopter Force Latest News

Wildcats join French task group for unique Pacific mission

Wildcats join French task group for unique Pacific mission


Below-zero heroes learn how to survive in the Arctic on CHF winter training

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Current Operation  Operational Sea Training

The ship and her company are being put through their paces in preparation for front line operations.

Location UK

Four locations are being used around the United Kingdom


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Commanding Officer Lenny Brown

Col Lenny Brown RM

Rank: Colonel

Colonel Brown joined the Royal Marines in September 1992. He conducted pilot training at the School of Army Aviation in Middle Wallop in 1995. He was promoted Colonel in 2015 prior to being selected for Command of the Commando Helicopter Force.

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