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750 Naval Air Squadron

750 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) at RNAS Culdrose in Cornwall has been conducting ab-initio (from the start) Observer training for over 60 years.

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Having completed ENT at 703 NAS Observer Training Flight, Observers move to 750 NAS to train on the new King Air 350ER ‘Avenger’ aircraft. Here they learn about systems and sensor management and how to operate an aircraft in all weathers before being streamed to one of the Royal Navy’s maritime helicopter types.

In partnership with Ascent Flight Training Limited under UKMFTS, the Squadron started training students on the new aircraft in September 2012.

The Squadron is commanded by a Lieutenant Commander, who himself is an observer, and made up of a mix of both civilian and military instructors.

The training system makes use of state of the art equipment, both within the aircraft and on the ground, capable of synthetically replicating a range of modern front line sensors, such as Radars, Electronic Support Measures and Tactical Data Links.

Over the 16-week Basic Flying Training course, trainees build on the elementary navigation skills taught at RAF Barkston Heath to ensure that they can navigate in all weathers before learning how to operate these sensors to tactically deploy an aircraft.

From searching for a survivor in a Search and Rescue role to controlling another aircraft to seek out and find a potential enemy 100 miles out to sea they challenge themselves on a daily basis.

They learn how to command a crew and get the most from their aircraft in an exciting and demanding environment.

750 NAS pass 10,000-hour milestone


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100th student graduates from 750 Naval Air Squadron

100th student graduates from 750 Naval Air Squadron


65 years on and 750 NAS is still producing the goods with the latest course to qualify

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