Air Experience

727 NAS conduct various short flying experience courses ranging from one day Air Experience Flights to two week Special Flying Award (Powered).

Unlike Grading, this latter course consists of tuition without the pressure to perform and includes very fast paced instruction along the lines of the Flying Grading Course but also includes basic Navigation, Instrument Flying and Formation.

With 727 NAS stationed at RNAS Yeovilton potential Officers join into the heart of the Fleet Air Arm aviation with other operational and training Squadrons operating around them.

They are accommodated in the Wardroom with the rest of the front line aviators and will rub shoulders with them in the Gymnasium, Dining Room and Bar.

This provides many opportunities to experience the ethos of the Fleet Air Arm and gives the potential Officer the best chance of deciding if a career in the Fleet Air Arm or even the Royal Navy general service is for them.