Observer Training Flight

Although a part of 703 Sqn the Observer Training Flight is very much an independent training organization within UKMFTS. Observer students will spend 13 weeks covering Common Core Ground School academics, Introductory Flying Training and Elementary Navigation Training.

The flying will be on the Grob Tutor aircraft and will teach you how to navigate an aircraft visually, react and handle practice malfunctions and to communicate with a myriad of agencies and other aircraft. Barkston Heath is a satellite airfield some 5 miles to the south of RAF Cranwell. 

It has a fully equipped and modern training facility which is shared by ab-initio pilots undergoing Elementary Flying Training, also on the Grob. You’ll be accommodated at RAF Cranwell where the social life is full and varied.

The Flight consists of military and civilian instructors, and uses the latest teaching equipment. Time is also allocated for the continual development of Officer qualities, so you can expect to spend time outside of the cockpit or classroom enjoying the local countryside. 

Maintaining your physical fitness is also highly important so there will be plenty of opportunity to enjoy the excellent facilities at nearby RAF Cranwell and pit your skills on the football or cricket pitch against your RAF counterparts!