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703 Naval Air Squadron

For all military pilots of the United Kingdom the first stage of training is Elementary Flying Training. For Navy pilots this is done on the Grob Tutor aircraft at 703 Sqn at RAF Barkston Heath. Thereafter, you’ll be streamed to either helicopters or fast jets.

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Elementary Flying Training

The Defence Elementary Flying Training School was established in July 2003 as a Military Flying School for Army and Royal Navy student pilots. It comprises 703 Naval Air Squadron and 674 Squadron, Army Air Corps and is supported by a civilian contract.

Observer Training Flight

703 Squadron Observer Training Flight began in 2011 as part of the new UK MFTS aircrew training system. Co-located with 703 Sqn who conduct EFT for RN pilots at RAF Barkston Heath in Lincolnshire, the Flight prepares ab-intio observer students for further training at 750 NAS.

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