847 NAS

847 Naval Air Squadron

The role of the Wildcat helicopters of 847 Naval Air Squadron is to provide  oversight of the battle-space to 3 Commando Brigade RM.

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The squadron is manned by Royal Navy and Royal Marine aircrew. It is part of the Commando Helicopter Force, which consists of four squadrons in support of the Royal Marines of 3 Commando Brigade, and is based at RNAS Yeovilton.

It was the only Lynx squadron within the Commando Helicopter Force, and will be the first frontline British military unit to convert to the Agusta-Westland Wildcat AH1 - one of the most advanced helicopters in the British military.

Sea King presented to Norwegians in Arctic


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Duke of Sussex to visit Royal Marines and Royal Navy personnel in Norway


Trainee Royal Marine officers made to sweat in Arran exercise

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Current operation Operational Sea Training

The ship/boat and her crew are being put through their paces in preparation for front line operations.

  • Alongside

    Alongside in her home port of Portsmouth Naval Base

  • Operation Kipion

    Units of the Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary have been on patrol in the Gulf since October 1980, after the Iran/Iraq conflict of that year, and more recently operations have extended further south with the increase in piracy off the Somalia coast. Having warships present in the region is one of the main tools the UK has to show our commitment to this part of the world.

Location UK

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Unit History

Life as a Torpedo Bomber1943

It began life as a torpedo bomber/reconnaissance squadron in 1943, serving with HMS Illustrious in the Far East.

Battle Honours1944

East Indies 1944

Spotting Arms1956

In its next incarnation, 847 flew Gannets out of Cyprus spotting arms being smuggled into the island. It was a duty they performed for more than three years before 847 was broken up again.

Unrest in Indonesia1963

More unrest – this time in Indonesia – prompted its return in May 1963, a reappearance which lasted 18 months. Before the decade was out, 847 was back, flying Wessex in the Far East.

The Falklands1982

Returned after 11 years, when it was hurriedly formed to support the liberation of the Falklands. More than 20 Wessexes were sent south with 847.

Battle Honours1982

They arrived in the South Atlantic in time to support the later stages of the push on Stanley. With the Falklands safe, 847 was no longer needed and that autumn its brief renaissance ended.

The Present Incarnation1995

The present incarnation was born on September 1 1995 when 3 Cdo Bde’s Air Squadron was stood down and 847 NAS stood up. It has taken part in every major operation.

Battle Honours2003

Most recently in Iraq, the Lynx Mk9s of 847 were armed with anti-tank missiles and were responsible for mauling Saddam’s armour in fierce fighting around Basra.

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847 is the first frontline unit to convert to the wildcat

RNAS Yeovilton

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