815 NAS

815 Naval Air Squadron

815 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) is home the Wildcats – the latest generation of multi-role helicopter – and the talented teams who keep these incredible craft in flight.

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Carrier Strike Group


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815 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) is home to the Wildcats: the latest generation of multi-role helicopter. These powerful, adaptable craft demand the best of the best when it comes to Aircrew, Engineers and support.

The squadron consists of 15 Flights; each a potent, self-contained aviation unit, optimised for embarked aviation and war fighting.

Though the squadron is made up of around 240 people, they’re rarely found in one place. Typically they are on pre-deployment training, away on operations or enjoying well-earned leave post deployment.

Facts & figures

Facts & figures

420+ miles

Total range

1,100 rounds per minute
.50cal machine gun firing capability 
240 personnel

In the squadron

Our operations

Current operation

Carrier Strike Group


The Carrier Strike Group is our nation's spearhead. The role of the Carrier Strike Group is to act as a self-contained force that can work independently or as part of wider operations.

Our base

Our base


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Commanding Officer

Commander Scott Simpson

Commander Scott Simpson was born in Glasgow in December 1977 and joined the Royal Navy in January 1999. Career highlights includes: in May 2007 he became Flight Commander of 218 Flight deploying to the Caribbean with RFA Wave Ruler and was involved in a sizeable cocaine seizure and the Humanitarian and Disaster Relief (HADR) effort in Belize following Hurricane Dean.


815 Naval Air Squadron's role

Landing a helicopter on the small flight deck of a Frigate or Destroyer is one of the greatest challenges in aviation. Underpinning capability of the squadron's success in the air is safe, wellpracticed operations on the flight deck.

Solidarity and companionship are essential ingredients for life on a Flight. The backdrop may change from one ship to the next, but the team around you and your reliance on each other endures.

Working on the flight deck and in the hangar gives Flights an amazing experience of the seas as they transit around the world too – whether it’s a daily visit from dolphins or sharing the hangar with some exotic birds for a few days as they rest on an ocean crossing. 

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