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809 Naval Air Squadron

Originally formed in 1941, 809 Naval Air Squadron has been resurrected as the first Royal Navy formation to fly the fearsome new Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter aircraft.

Facts & figures

Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter facts and figures

15,000 pounds

Total payload 

1.6 Mach

Top speed

450+ miles

Combat radius

Our base

Our base

United Kingdom

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809 Naval Air Squadron’s role

The F35 Joint Strike Fighter is one the most advanced fighter planes ever constructed. This fifth generation stealth jet is capable of ground attack, air superiority and air-to-air combat – all of which will be carried out by the expert pilots of 809 Naval Air Squadron.

The squadron, which dates back to the Second World War, was selected by the First Sea Lord Admiral Sir George Zambellas because of its illustrious history as a strike and attack squadron. Today, they represent the cutting edge of the UK’s military power. 

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