University Royal Naval Units (URNU)

Working to develop the leaders of tomorrow

Who are we?

University Royal Naval Unit (URNU) aims to broaden the understanding of the Royal Navy among university students of all ages. It offers you the chance to develop transferable skills, whether it be through public speaking or discipline, by exposing you to leadership and management opportunities. 

What's in it for me?

URNU provides you with the chance to experience military life without commitment. In short, it is a chance to meet likeminded people who may even become your friends for life. You will be given the chance of deployment on Royal Navy Warship’s, where you will participate in naval exercises developing your communication, leadership and management skills. 

Training and Experience

During your time with the URNU, you will have the opportunity to undertake bespoke training that will facilitate your personal and professional development. By exposing you to a range of core training, our aim is to prepare each member for the challenges that may be faced in the future, no matter what career choice you make. Providing you with a maritime experience designed to expose you to the Royal Navy's values and ethos.

The URNU offers opportunities you just wouldn't get in any other walk of life; offering you the most amazing chance to maximise your university experience. Many of your friends will have to pay to access opportunities such as these, but for members of the URNU you get paid to be involved in what are life-changing experiences.

Are you eligible? 

Applicants must:
- be attending a university within an hours travel of the existing URNU;
 be in good health (you will be required to pass a medical);
- be either a British or Commonwealth National;
- be willing to undertake Navigation and Seamanship training, and be willing to put this into practice on Training Nights, Weekends, and Summer and Easter Deployment.

In order to succeed, applicants should be proactive, motivated, with good teamworking skills, and essentially, have a sense of fun. 

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