Royal Navy School of Physical Training

The Royal Navy School of Physical Training delivers all qualifying courses for the PT Branch alongside PDev Officer courses and Sea Acquaint courses. They also provide policy guidance to the specialisation. 

The PT Branch recruit in 2 ways, from sideways entry from other branches within the Royal Navy and will open up direct entry from 2020. Candidates from direct entry are required to sit a suitability board at RNAC and if successful candidates will complete Phase 1 and 2 Training before preparing for a ‘Physical Training Aptitude Assessment’.  Successful candidates are selected to join the 26-week Leading Physical Trainers Qualifying Course.

The Leading Physical Trainers course covers a wide variety of both academic and practical subjects. Students learn instructional techniques and the practical aspects of taking PT classes, plus fitness principles, diet & nutrition, circuit and weight training theory, anatomy and physiology, fitness testing and sports administration.

The course also covers basic coaching and officiating across a whole host of sports, plus experience of adventurous training and challenging activities.

Career courses for Chief Petty Officer and Petty Officers have a balance between academic and physical and are acquainted with management tools and skills. PDev Officers and Sea Acquaint