RN Air Engineering and Survival School Training Activities

It is housed in Daedalus building which is made up of six wings, named after past Naval Air Stations or Fleet Air Arm Establishments, each wing carries out training or provides facilities as follows;

    Goldcrest Wing: Mathematics & Computer Systems.

    Falcon Wing: Communications and Radar.

    Ariel Wing: Air Weapons, Electrical and Technical Publications.

    Seafield Wing: Survival Equipment.

    Condor Wing: Mechanical Systems.

    Fulmar Wing: Training Standards Board, Training Administration, Training Design and Divisional.

Other buildings on the Sultan site which are used by the RNAESS include;

Cockerell Hangar:  This is the home of the Air Engineering Craft Work shops. It is from within this complex that Air Engineering.  All Trade Technicians are instructed in Workshop Processes and Practices. These include Fleet Air Arm (FAA) 'Tool Control' procedures, Aircraft Sheet metal work and aircraft related Practical Wiring techniques. Air Engineering Technicians from both trade groups are instructed in Health & Safety at Work. Technicians of the Mechanical [M] trade are instructed in Aircraft Sheet metal Work, Airframe Repair and Battle Damage Repair techniques.

Technicians of the Avionics Trade groups are instructed in Basic Sheet metal work, Aircraft Practical Wiring and Printed Circuit Board Modification and Repair Techniques. Air Engineering Officers are also given short acquaint courses in all of the subjects taught within the complex. The facilities are also used in conjunction with income generation, via the Establishment Business Development Office. To this end where off the shelf courses have not been available, 'bespoke' courses have been designed to meet individual companies needs.

Newcomen Hangar: Houses the helicopter airframes maintained by the Aircraft Maintenance Section (AMS) and used by the Initial Training Group to instruct Phase 2 professional training for Air Engineering Technicians, covering practical aircraft maintenance and trade training.

Stephenson Hangar: A purpose built Hangar that houses 760 Engineering Training Squadron, which is used to train Air Engineering personnel in the supervision and administration of aircraft maintenance and line procedures. Also located in Stephenson building are sections teaching Management, Administration and Operational Training including Aircraft Husbandry and Corrosion, NBCD and Aircraft Decontamination.