Nuclear Department Training Activities

Although a separate school within the Defence College of Electromechanical Engineering, the ND works very closely with the Nuclear Systems Group (NSG), part of the Defence School of Marine Engineering (DSME), to provide training for Officers and Ratings of the MESM specialization.

Drawing on the expertise of both schools, comprehensive training packages are delivered which integrate submarine systems-related topics with essential academic underpinning knowledge in reactor physics, nuclear engineering, radiation protection and nuclear safety.

As a result, trainees gain a thorough understanding of the design and operating principles of the submarine reactor commensurate with their responsibilities on-board.

The ND also provides training for RN and civilian personnel appointed to post in support of the shore-based elements of the NNPP, and several bespoke courses are provided for the wider UK nuclear industry. These courses range from short introductory-level courses targeting a wide audience, through to an advanced MSc-level course for nuclear design engineers.

Specialist training is also provided in areas as diverse as health physics, instrument calibration, nuclear decommissioning and radiochemistry. ND teaching is kept up-to-date by staff undertaking research in a range of nuclear fields, the results of which feed directly into MoD's wider NNPP research programme.

The ND has a range of training facilities including a Basic Principles Simulator used to illustrate the dynamic response of the plant and a suite of well-equipped laboratories used to provide practical training in radiation science, chemistry, materials and thermal hydraulics. The ND also has access to high-fidelity real-time Manoeuvring Room Simulators for each class of in-service submarine, operated by the NSG.