Nuclear Department

The ND also provides training in Radiation Protection for all three Armed Services, undertakes research and development work in support of the NNPP and utilises spare capacity to deliver training to the civil nuclear industry on a commercial basis.

The ND is a component of the Defence Academy, College of Management and Technology which has its HQ in Shrivenham. 

As a lodger unit on the HMS Sultan site, the ND is collocated, and works closely with, the nuclear section of the Systems Engineering Group (SEG), part of the Defence College of Technical Training’s (DCCT) Defence School of Marine Engineering(DSMarE).

The Nuclear Department delivers essential academic underpinning knowledge in reactor physics, thermodynamics, nuclear engineering, radiation protection and nuclear safety. 

As a result, students gain a thorough understanding of the design and operating principles of the submarine reactor plant commensurate with their responsibilities.

The ND has a range of training facilities including a Basic Principles Simulator used to illustrate the dynamic response of the plant and a suite of well-equipped laboratories used to provide practical training in radiation science, chemistry, materials and thermal hydraulics.

The ND also has access to high-fidelity real-time Manoeuvring Room Simulators for each class of in-service submarine, operated by the NSG.